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Individual work-out plan


In Kaliper polyclinic we produce individual training plans based on data obtained by spiroergometric testing. Testing and drafting of the plan is carried out under the supervision of Dr. Desnice, the Doctor of the Croatian alpine ski Team.

Training plans or types of training, their duration and intensity are always adapted to the wishes and possibilities of the client. Namely, the training plan is different for those who want to lose weight, recreational athletes and professional athletes.

Spiroergometric testing is a thorough assessment of the condition of the organism. With this testing we monitor the heart, lungs, circulatory and metabolic systems in parallel, at rest and under load.

Spiroergometry includes:

  • general overview
  • measuring the height, weight and proportion and distribution of fats in the body
  • ECG at rest
  • the spirometry at rest
  • ECG and spirometry on the bicycle, treadmill or rowing ergometer.

The scientifically grounded training plan will reduce the possibility of injuries and damage to the joints caused by degenerative processes.

Individual training plans are also made as part of the individual nutrition plan. We produce a diet plan based on measurements of the basal metabolic rate where the goal is to maintain the desired body weight in the long term, with loss of fat and without loss of muscle tissue.

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