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About us


Polyclinic Kaliper specializes in the domain of physical medicine and rehabilitation, orthopedics and sports medicine as well as recreation. Our founder is dr Nataša Desnica, the official physician of the Croatian ski representation. This enabled us to use the rich  experience obtained from our work with top athletes and apply it in the treatment of patients of all age groups and different needs.

We have gathered a team of top physicians, physiotherapists and kinesiologists with a large experience. In our work we are using modern technology and advanced methods of treatment and we are following continuous education programs in order to advance our knowledge and skills.

But the very foundation of our work and our success is individual approach to each patient. We are aware that not two patients and not two injuries or  problems are the same. That is why equal attention is paid to the relation with the patient as to the treatment we are offering him. You can be certain that in Kaliper polyclinic we put the patient first.

Nataša Desnica Poliklinika Kaliper
Dr. Desnica, the founder and head of Kaliper polyclinic

Dr Desnica is a physician with a lot of experience in sports medicine. Since 2002 she has been in charge and the owner of the Center for sports medicine Kaliper which in 2016 became Kaliper polyclinic. Dr Desnica is the official physician of the Croatian ski representation and she was the chief physician at the Olympic games in Torino in 2006 and in Vancouver in 2010. Dr Desnica is a member of the Health Committee of the Croatian Olympic Board.

Through her rich experience in the medicine of movements she got in touch with top athletes like Ivica  and Janica Kostelić, Marin Ćilić, Domagoj Duvnjak, Martina Zubčić, Robert Kišerlovski, Gordan Kožulj and many others whose confidence she enjoys. Dr Desnica is the author of numerous scientific, expert and popular articles and lectures.

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