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Fitness preparation of professional and recreation athletes


In Kaliper Polyclinic we are conducting conditional preparation of professional and recreational athletes, under the direction of Dr. Natasa Desnice, official doctor of the Croatian alpine ski Team.

Conditioning stand for a process of exercise in which the periods of higher and lower load are continuously exchanged with the rest period. The organism is thus preparing for the upcoming efforts.

Conditional preparation is a complex and long process of acquiring, upgrading and maintaining all the qualities and abilities needed to succeed in sports. The basic tasks of these preparations are:

  • refining motor skills
  • improving functional abilities
  • optimization of morphological characteristics
  • control and improvement of health status.

For planning and implementation of more quality preparation, appropriate diagnostics is required. It determines the initial and transitive state of preparedness of athletes and amateurs.

We conduct diagnostics on the following devices:

  • Spiro ergometry – it provides a diagnosis of a general functional state of the organism at different intensities of the activity. Thereby we learn what needs to be improved and what training zones to concentrate on.
  • Isokinetic – by isokinetic testing we obtain information about muscle strength, strength ratios between agonists and antagonists, fatigue index and more.
  • Devices for measuring the percentage of fatty tissue in the body – these devices get insight into the condition and distribution of fat, muscle mass and body weight. The aim is to achieve optimum morphological characteristics for a particular sport.

Finally, by long terms we focus our conditioning process towards:

  • refining functional and motor skills
  • delaying the reaction of fatigue
  • accelerating the recovery process
  • reducing the number and severity of injuries.

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