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Myo-fascial therapy


In case of trauma, inflammatory processes and in post-operative rehabilitation we apply the exceptionally safe and efficient myo-fascial relaxation. It soothes pain and improves mobility.

Fascia is like an elastic  wrapping of connective tissue that surrounds all muscles, tissues, organs, bones and ligaments. There is no part of the body that does not have around it a fascia which continuously stretches throughout the body.

A healthy fascia is elastic and flexible. But due to injuries, poor posture, scars as well as stress the fascia contracts and loses its elasticity. The restrictions that follow cause pain and poor functioning. Facial relaxation is a manual technique applied directly on the skin without oil, creams or any devices. This enables the therapist to define the contractions in the fascia and to apply the right amount of pressure so as to reach relaxation. The contractions of the fascia need not necessarily be close to the painful part of the body, but they still limit the scope of muscle and joint movements which causes pain.

The pressure is very gentle and the treatment is not painful. We recommend these patients to rest and drink plenty of water which will facilitate facial gliding.

Myo-fascial relaxation is applied in case of :

  • trauma
  • inflammatory processes
  • post-operative rehabilitation

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