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Isokinetic diagnostics


Isokinetic diagnostics or isokinetics is designed for all those who have a knee or hip problem. This diagnostic method is used for the prevention of knee damages of professional and recreational athletes.

This diagnostic is performed in order to prevent knee and hip lesions, in case of hurting knees, in case of injuries of leg joints and for testing the strength of the legs. The method is useful if you have   any problem with muscles, tendons and other structures in the leg area.

Based on the results of isokinetic testing a most advanced and most efficient targeted rehabilitation is carried out. Our peculiarity consists in including isokinetic rehabilitation into the total  rehabilitation procedure. Such overall approach provides the best results.

In Kaliper polyclinic isokinetic diagnostics is performed on the Reflex device which:

  • establishes the strength and stamina of the tested muscles and possible deficits in comparison with  the expected values
  • proves a possible imbalance between antagonistic muscle groups e.g. between the muscles of the front and rear side of the upper leg
  • proves a possible imbalance between two members e.g. between the right and the left leg
  • enables an insight into the dynamic status of the joint structures.

Isokinetic diagnostics is particularly useful in preventing joint damages because it enables us to resort to a timely correction of observed deficits or imbalances in muscles. Isokinetic diagnostics can be performed even if the joint is painful or damaged e.g. following an operation, an injury or in case of arthrosis.

Isokinetic diagnostics  is applied for:

  • painful knees
  • painful hips
  • testing the leg strength
  • preventing leg lesions
  • recovery of knee injuries
  • recovery of hip injuries
  • recovery after knee or hip operations
  • injury of leg muscles and tendons.

It is particularly useful in the prevention of joint damages.

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