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Spiroergometry and lactate measuring in the blood


Spiroergometry and lactate measuring in the blood is performed exclusively for top athletes and for sports like skiing and swimming; they are taken in the field.

The key difference in comparison with “classical” spiroergometry is that in determining the anaerobic and lactate threshold the lactate measurement in the blood is used instead of the ventilation method.

It is carried out in the same way as the “usual” spiroergometry with a partially altered protocol: at  certain stages a blood sample is taken in order to monitor the lactate level.

Spiroergometry with lactate measuring includes:

  • an overall examination
  • height and weight measurement as well as the measurement  of the fat ratio and distribution in the organism.
  • ECG while resting
  • spiroergometry while resting
  • taking blood samples at certain stages and determining the lactate level in the blood.

The duration of the testing is from about 60 to 90 minutes, and the examinees are recommended to bring their own clothing and footwear.

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