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Spiroergometric testing


Spiroergometric testing is a thorough evaluation of the organism’s condition for professional and recreation athletes. Spiroergometry is one of the foundations of sports medicine: it yields more accurate results than any other performance test.

It includes a parallel evaluation of heart, lungs, blood vessels and the metabolic system both while resting and when under strain. Although mainly athletes are tested by this method, spiroergometric testing produces excellent results for all those who want to get a detailed insight into their organism’s condition, for instance in case of trying to lose weight.

Spiroergometric testing includes:

  • overall testing
  • height and weight measuring, finding out the ratio of fat and its distribution in the body
  • ECG while resting
  • testing  by means of an ergometer the progressive straining while cycling or track running.

In Kaliper polyclinic the spiroergometric testing  is carried out by means of Cosmet device. While we are performing the progressive straining test, the testee wears a mask and is connected to a 12-channel ECG and the blood pressure testing device.

Spiroergometric testing gives us:

  1. an insight into the health condition of the examinee. We find out if the organism is healthy according to the medical criteria, primarily regarding the blood vessels and the pulmonary system which are crucial for safe exercising.
  2. an insight into the current condition of the organism. The obtained data regard stamina, aerobic and anaerobic capacity, muscle strength, maximum oxygen intake, the condition of the metabolic system, total energy consumption, the consumption of carbohydrates, fats, aerobic and anaerobic (lactate) threshold and et c. Based on these data individual zones for exercising and the guidance for further work are established.

The obtained results enable us to offer  most precise recommendations to various examinee groups with different aims:

  • weight loss – we can determine the “fat-burning” zone i.e. the pulse range in which most fat is burnt. This optimal pulse range is individual and can considerably differ with each person.
  • health – spiroergometrics helps us choose the appropriate type of exercise within the optimal pulse range with the aim of improving and maintaining the health status.
  • top athletes – the parameters obtained from such testing enable us to single out the best approach to exercising and determine the individual training zones. We will e.g. establish whether the athlete is supposed to work more specifically on stamina, aerobic capacity, top strength or ventilation. The results of  spiroergometric testing will make possible more effective exercising as well as its optimal periodization. Briefly, the result will lead to the improvement of sports performancesthrough exercising based on scientific insights.
  • recreation athletes – make use of all the testing advantages in the same way as top athletes but they adapt the exercising intensity to their own needs and abilities tghey are acquainted with now.

The duration of the testing is from about 60 to 90 minutes, and the testees are recommended to bring their own clothing and footwear.

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