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Individual dietary plan


In Kaliper polyclinic we produce individual nutrition plans, based on data obtained by measuring the basal metabolic rate and dietary habits of each client.

The aim is to adapt the diet to achieve optimum body weight regulation without the client starving. Also, the aim is the loss of fat, but not muscle mass and long-term the desired weight is maintained.

Before preparing the diet plan, we measure the basal metabolism. Basal metabolism indicates the minimal amount of energy needed to maintain vital bodily functions. We measure it using a spiroergometric test device, and the test lasts for half an hour during which the subject lies calmly and relaxed. We compare the resulting values with the expected values by age, gender and other factors. This is how we learn whether a person has a “fast” or “slow” metabolism.

We also make a diet plan based on the data obtained from the conversation with the client, where we learn his eating habits. The result is a diet plan adapted to the energy and nutritional needs of users. It contains all foods that provide a sufficient amount of energy, but also the nutrients and protective substances needed by your organism. Such nutrition will help you stay healthy, prevent diseases and maintain optimum body weight.

It is also important to note that the diet plan is made by a doctor and that the weight loss process is always under medical supervision. We do not offer fast or miraculous solutions that work overnight, but our goal is to teach the client how to change habits and maintain the desired body weight in the long term. With proper nutrition we also recommend physical activity. Therefore we can offer you creation of an individual training plan based on the results of spiroergometric testing.

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