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Therapy with Indiba device (Tecar therapy)

Poliklinika Kaliper - Indiba uređaj

Therapy with Indiba device also referred to as Tecar therapy is applied in case of muscle and joint pain, neck and back pain, rheumatism ans osteoarthosis.

The aim is to alleviate pain and inflammation and to speed up healing. We are one of only three establishments in Croatia applying Tecar therapy by means of Indiba device.

Tecar-therapy is a non-invasive method stimulating the natural physiological processes in muscle-connective tissues and enhancing its natural capacity of regeneration. It is a combination of manual techniques and electro-therapeutic technology emitting high-frequency energy. The pain-killing effect lasts as long as 48 hours. After this treatment the circulation is 11 times better and the tissue regenerates 7 times more quickly. 

The therapy functions in 3 ways:

1. it increases the interior temperature of the tissue thus speeding up recovery and rehabilitation

2. The treatments with Indiba are comfortable and relaxing, and the patient feels gentle warmth penetrating deep into his body and relaxing it. It is popular with professional sportsmen because it improves their performance and prevents injuries. 

Indiba therapy is applied in case of:

  • muscle pains
  • joint pains
  • aching neck
  • aching backbone
  • rheumatism
  • osteoarthrosis

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