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Spinal traction

Trakcija kralježnice

Spinal traction is the only non-operative treatment that is really effective in severe cases of discus hernia, degenerative diseases of the small joints of the spine, stenosis (narrowing) of the spinal canal, pressure on the nerve roots, and for the release of Pain in the back, legs and arms.

During traction it is very gradual and gently to stretch the spine in which the decompression occurs.  Through cyclic phases of distraction and relaxation and proper positioning, the spinal disc (Intervertester reel) is placed under negative pressure causing the vacuum effect within it. The effect of the vacuum reaches two things. Mechanical effects stretch out muscle structure resulting in relaxation, physiological effects reduce spinal cord compression, expand intervertebral space, mobilize and elongate joints and muscles of the spine and improve circulation. Also, vacuum stimulates the growth of blood flow and thus secondary stimulates healing. This results in reduced pain and proper healing of the injured part of the spine.

The highest quality of traction is extremely fast and effective pain-giving, which allows most patients to restore a more active lifestyle, a quicker return to work obligations and has an extraordinary psychological effect.

The traction of the spine in Kaliper Polylnic is carried out under the watchful eye of our educated therapists for the following indications:

Acute and chronic pain in the spine

Acute and chronic inflammation of nerves in the spine area


Intervertebral disc protrusion

Intervertebral disc prolapse

Degenerative changes of the intervertebral disc

Arthrosis of small joints of the spine and fasset syndrome

Tension of the muscles of the spine

Cervical-brachial syndrome

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