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In Kaliper polyclinic we are offering you medical and sports massage. Massage can be our basic therapy, but it is often a part of overall rehabilitation. It relaxes you, speeds up the circulation and the post-operative recovery, helps in healing scars, rheumatic disorders, osteoporosis, headaches and migraine.

In spite of the existence of various massaging devices, Kaliper polyclinic believes in manual massage which is a therapeutic but also a diagnostic component. Manual massage directly and indirectly affects the muscular and nervous system as well as blood and lymph circulation. Improved circulation means a better supply of oxygen and nutritive matter to the tissue.

Massage alleviates painful conditions, and is particularly useful after a surgery and immobilization. An important consequence is a relaxed state and decreased physical and mental tensions.

Through sports massage the therapist will warm up and loosen the muscular tissues, straighten up muscle fibers. The scars heal more quickly and the waste matter is discarded more quickly.

Massages are applied for:

  • neck and shoulder problems
  • rheumatic disorders
  • too high muscle tone
  • myogelosis
  • circulation problems
  • osteoporosis
  • headaches
  • painful back
  • migraines

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