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Maitland therapy


Maitland therapy is a manual therapy that helps with acute pain, post-operative conditions, hip, knee, elbow and shoulder operations and in cases of various sports injuries such as tennis elbow. The aim is to deal with stiffness and aches of a mechanical nature, and the therapy is mild and gentle.

This therapy is unique in so far as it combines the individual treatment of each patient with the therapist’ s clinical experience and most recent scientific insights. The therapists have been specially trained and certified to carry out this method.

The Maitland concept uses neuro-dynamic techniques, muscle extension, stabilizing exercises and specially adapted exercises that the patient can perform at home. Additionally, rotation movements, gliding and rolling movements according to the Maitland concept are performed; “a painful response is almost always encountered in a non-physiological gesture and not in a physiological one”. In other words, a physiological movement is correct, it aches only when it is incorrect. Maitland therapy makes it right and it stops the hurting.

Maitland therapy is applied in case of:

  • back problems
  • neck backbone problems
  • arthritis of the knee, hip and backbone
  • problems with temporomandibular joint
  • headaches and  facial problems
  • nerve irritation
  • knee pains
  • elbow pains – a “tennis elbow”
  • fist problems: contractures and the carpal tunnel syndrome
  • foot problems.

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