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High intensity Laser Therapy, HILT, is used in treating acute and chronic degenerative impairments.

These are arthrosis and other impairments of cartilage, tendon and its fascia inflammation, tennis elbow, pains in lower back (“lumbago”) and  swelling caused by trauma, sports injuries: muscle damages, joint luxation.

Laser therapy is non-invasive and painless. Laser beam emitted by the device penetrates deep into the tissue and speeds up considerably the healing and regeneration of tissue through natural processes of energy transfer. The capacity of laser beams to go deep into the tissue means that it can heal painful spots anywhere in the body.

The result of laser therapy is diminished pain and inflammation in the joint as well as improved circulation responsible for providing nutritive matter and discarding superfluous liquid, which all stimulates the regeneration  of the joint cartilage.

Laser therapy is painless and safe, has no side-effects, only the eyes of both the patient and the therapist must be protected with protective glasses.

Laser therapy is applied in case of:

  • sports injuries
  • shoulder luxation
  • ankle luxation
  • disc hernia
  • aching neck backbone
  • aching lower part of the body
  • degenerative knee arthritis
  • muscle extension

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