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Kinetek for the knee


Kinetek is a device for passive limbering of joints and increasing the scope of movements. This therapy is applied after surgeries and lesions of knees.

Kinetek is used for knees after an operation of front and rear cruciate ligament, meniscus, patella  and after an injury of collateral ligaments and inserting a complete endoprosthesis.

The movements of injured and damaged joints can be particularly painful and that is why the patient gives up moving them. However, the tissue surrounding the joint loses its elasticity if it is not correctly activated and the result can be scarred tissue which will additionally limit the scope of joint movements.

By means of Kinetek the joint is gradually and slowly moved and the patient makes use of his/her muscles. Various researches have proved that the patients who use kinetek following an operation need fewer pain-killers than those who have not used it after the same kind of operation.

Kinetek is applied after:

  • operations of front and rear cruciate ligaments
  • meniscus operations
  • patella operations
  • injuries of collateral ligaments
  • inserting a total endoprosthesis

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