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Kinesiotherapy is a therapy based on movement and it is used for strengthening the muscles and for the recovery of the damaged moving function.

Kinesiotherapy uses specially conditioned and programmed movements in the treatment and rehabilitation of some impairments, damages and deformations; it includes active and passive exercises. Active exercises are performed with or without the assistance of kinesiotherapists, with or without resistance. This therapy is applied isolated or in combination with other methods of physical medicine and rehabilitation. It is used in numerous pathological conditions but also as a method of preventing injuries.

The workout program us customized for each patient and is based on thorough diagnostics that includes:

  1. examination of the body
  2. anthropometric measurements
  3. motor ability tests
  4. 4.functional diagnostics
  5. bio-mechanical measurements,  e.g. isokinetics
  6. diagnostic procedures such as MR, RTG, CT, ultrasound etc.

Kinesiotherapy is one one the most important aspects of medical rehabilitation and can be applied in almost all medical branches. The rules of kinesiotherapy are encountered in kinesiology and bio-mechanics, in sciences studying and analyzing gestures and movements.

Kinesiotherapy is applied for:

  • strengthening of muscles
  • recovery of the impaired moving function
  • prevention of damages

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