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Isokinetic rehabilitation


Isokinetic rehabilitation is a painless and particularly quick and efficient method of treatment for different problems of the musculoskeletal system of lower extremities. It is especially useful in case of aching knees, cartilage injuries, knee and hip arthrosis and as preparation for surgery as well as in post-operative recovery. Isokinetic exercises are helpful in the prevention of injuries in athletes and recreational sportsmen.

Isokinetic rehabilitation is carried out following isokinetic diagnostics, and a specific feature of Kaliper polyclinic, which gives the best results, is the inclusion of this method into the overall rehabilitation, combined with other methods.

Rehabilitation is performed by means of a rehabilitation device working on the hydraulic principle. Work-out is controlled by a physiotherapist and the whole procedure is monitored by a computer. The rehabilitation program is modified in the course of work-out and from session to session.

The isokinetic device enables the resistance to be automatically adapted to the pressure applied by  the patient throughout the scope of the movement. In this way muscles can be activated without burdening the joints. That is the reason why this device can be used even by persons with painful or damaged knees.

Isokinetic rehabilitation is exceptionally useful as pre-surgical treatment because it targets individual muscles and strengthens them. This makes possible a speedy post-operative recovery.

The complete rehabilitation is extraordinarily rapid: most often it requires 10 to 15 sessions in the duration of 45 minutes.

Isokinetic rehabilitation  is applied for:

  • painful knees
  • damaged cartilage
  • painful hips
  • testing the strength of legs
  • prevention of leg injuries
  • rehabilitation of knee injuries
  • rehabilitation of hip injuries
  • post-operative rehabilitation of knees and hips
  • injuries of leg muscles and tendons
  • arthrosis
  • preparation for surgery
  • post-operative recovery

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