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Huber Therapy Device

Terrapija Huber uređajem

The Huber Motion Lab device is an actual movement laboratory, which is an easy way to improve your physical abilities by strengthening the muscles responsible for good body postures. With Huber device we work on proprioception, stabilization, motor coordination, balance and gait, strength and symmetry of the muscles and the mobility of the spine for better body posture. It also accelerates the rehabilitation process and reduces the sensation of pain. By practicing on this French device of innovative technologies between 80 and 120 muscle are beeing activated, all without causing inflammation and pain.

Huber device is used in: various injuries/damage to the spine, after sprains of the ankles and sprain of the muscles of the shin, in back pain, after surgery of the pelvic floor and incontinecia, in the mobilization and regeneration of proprioception after trauma, as early movement therapy in rehabilitation after stroke.

In the Polyclinic Kaliper with Hubert we mobilize the joints while gently and safely recruit deep muscles that are often neglected by traditional physical exercises.  This improves strength, flexibility, movement, coordination, posture and balance.

The Huber machine can be used by all, from children to the elderly, for the purpose of aesthetics or for sports purposes, then for the purpose of orthopaedics, rheumatology, cardiology, neurology, urology and gynecology.

Huber device is most often used in:

Post-stroke conditions

Different injuries/pain in the spine

Neuromuscular conditions that cause muscular weakness

Traumatic and non-traumatic ankle injuries

Proprioception and activation of deep foot muscles

Rehabilitation after  operations in which the weakness of a particular muscle group has remained

To improve and recover posture

To improve the quality of the walk

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