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Foot analysis and arch supports


Foot analysis and arch support manufacture can be a part of our service known as Backbone evaluation and therapy.

For foot analysis while standing and walking we use the device FootMat consisting of a special mat and a program. Thus we obtain precise and reliable data about the condition and functionality of feet and walking.

Based on these results we manufacture arch supports from thermo-formabile foam, in various dimensions and degrees of hardness depending on the purpose. The types of arch supports also vary but they all provide a better stability and are shock- proof. Parts of the arch support (wedges) differ in consistency and thus take off the weight or support individual parts of the foot and alleviate the discomfort and pain.

The softest and most comfortable supports are X soft which are flexible and shock-proof and are intended for diabetics and persons with foot deformities. The ShockStop support is twice as hard  and is a perfect solution for persons suffering from arthritis or corns as well as those who have to stand for a long time or bear great burdens like pregnant women, bar tenders and salespeople.

We are offering supports for the so-called high-impact sports performed on hard surfaces such as  gym sports, touch football, running  etc.

Formthotics Youth supports are intended for children. They guarantee a natural and correct development of a child’s feet which are delicate and demand additional support, stability and comfort.

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