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Evaluation and therapy of the backbone


Backbone problems are increasingly present nowadays and the frequent causes are lack of movement and sedentary lifestyle. In order to solve the problems but also to prevent them we have devised an overall evaluation and therapy treatment for children, adolescents and adults.

The treatment encompasses scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis and other minor or major deformations of the backbone covered by the term “poor posture”.

The results are slowing down or even stopping the excessive bending of the backbone, better posture, better mobility, the improvement of the heart/lungs function and dealing with pain. 

Evaluation of the condition

We start with a detailed evaluation of the backbone condition by means of a clinical examination. Considering that the backbone and the feet make a unique mechanical entity, we proceed with analyzing the feet by means of accurate and reliable data about the condition and functioning of feet and their movement. 

Backbone therapy according to Katharine Schroth method

The evaluation of the backbone condition is followed by physical therapy which includes classical exercises of extending and strengthening the muscles of the trunk but also the exercises by Katharine Schroth method.

This world-wide famous method corrects the posture by using specific movements and positions of the patient and movements in different directions. The exercises are individually designed depending on the condition of the backbone.

A specific feature of this method are breathing exercises of a special kind – the so-called three-dimensional breathing. The therapist uses mild stimuli to arouse the feeling of the part of the body to be involved in the breathing, and to realize in which parts of the body the tension of the muscles ought to be extended and in which loosened. This helps activate the muscles that ensure a correct posture which  alleviates the deformation of the backbone.

Such approach enables the patient to become aware of his/her posture and learn how to keep it right  after the therapy is over. The patient will also be taught the exercises he can do on his own at home.

Long-term benefits of this method are slowing down or even stopping the process of backbone   warping, better mobility, a better posture, improvement of the heart/lungs function and soothing pain.

This method of rehabilitation was devised by Katharine Schroth, a German, as early as in 1921. 

Manufacturing arch supports

The health of the backbone rests on feet. That is the reason why patients obtain customized Formthotics orthopedic arch supports.

These medically adapted arch supports are made of foam of different degree of hardness so as to actively and functionally support the musculoskeletal system.

By constant use of arch supports and working out the prescribed exercises the patients maintain the correct posture even after the treatment in our polyclinic, which considerably improves their life quality.

The evaluation and therapy of the backbone is applied in case of:

  • scoliosis
  • kyphosis
  • lordosis
  • other deformities of the backbone

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