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Emmet tehnika

Emmet therapy is mild, safe and easy to administer therapy for muscle spasms relaxation. Emmet technique proved to be highly effective in pain and restrictions of the locomotoric system (spine, knee, ankles), retention of lymph in the body and weakened fluid flow, migraines and other headaches.

Some of the features of Emett techniques are:

  • Accurate and rapid estimation of physical disbalance
  • Gentle manipulation of the points responsible for the projection of pain
  • The patient can be fully clothed or only partially undressed
  • The technique is suitable for all: from young children, pregnant women to elderly people.

Emmet therapists are characterized by an exceptional adaptability for the needs of clients. Emmet therapy can be used alone or in combination with any other physical or manual technique and exercise system with the aim of relieving pain and improving musculoskeletal and neurological function.

The Emmet technique works by the principle of understanding the physical response to slight pressure. Small sensors in the body allow access to the brain through gentle manipulation. The brain anticipates information, and in response it achieves muscular relaxation on the peripheria.

The Emmet technique we use at:

Painful syndromes in the neck and shoulders

Lymph congestions and fluid buildup in the body

Migraines and other headaches

Abdominal cramps and digestive problems

Persistent pain in the feet and heels

Dizziness and congestions in the Sinuses

Pain in the skin, hips and knees

Discomfort during pregnancy

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