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Dinamička neuromuskularna stabilizacija

DNS or fully named dynamic neuromuscular stabilization is intended for anyone with spinal problems (lower back pain, protrusion of the intervertebral disc, scoliosis, increased kiphosis or lordosis) who want to restore painless patterns of movement and raise the daily functioning to a higher level. It is also recommended for athletes to prevent injuries and increase athletic performance in terms of strength, endurance, stability, movement functionality arising from strong core muscles.

Dynamic neuromuscular stabilization is a functional-rehabilitation technique of deep stabilization of the locomotor system, based on the developmental kinesiology of the child in the first year of life. The child from birth to the moment when it starts to walk achieves patterns of movement based on the balanced relationship between the nervous and muscular systems. In today’s sedentary lifestyle, man loses healthy patterns and changes them to nonphysiological that causes pain.  Applying a DNS training strategy allows you to return to the ideal functional and postural patterns.

In the Kaliper Polyclinic we conduct DNS as a basic method for restoring painless positions and movements in the spine. It precedes all other forms of exercise in order to achieve the adequate functioning of the neuromuscular system.

The method is based on the synchronisation of movements and breathing through the formation of intraabdominal pressure and the synergistic activation of the deep hull stabilizer muscles, whereby the method was given a name.

DNS is used in:

Back pain



Increased lumbar lordosis

Disk Protrussions and Extrusions

As a prevention from the occurrence of the above problems

To maintain spine hygiene in the daily functioning

In athletes for preparing the spine for greater physical exertion

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