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Cyriax Therapy


The Cyriax method is used as a therapeutic method in tendinitis of different etiologies, sprains of ligaments and capsulitis (inflammation of the articulating membrane). The emphasis is on the treatment of inflammation originating from soft tissues as a result of traumatic injuries or in overuse syndromes.

In the Kaliper Polyclinic we use Cyriax method according to the following basic principles:

1) Every pain has its own source

2) with treatment we need to reach the source

3) after reaching the source we relieve the pain

When performing the method, carefully selected movements are used. To evaluate the function of the tendons and muscles we use active motion testing and motion testing with resistance. We use passive motion testing to evaluate the pain, laxity or restriction of the ligament movement.

The characteristic feature of the Cyriax method is the capsular pattern. The capsular pattern indicates inflammation of the capsule that has roots in inflammatory processes such as inflammatory or traumatic arthritis, fracture or even tumour formation that extends close to or in that joint. Each joint has its own characteristic capsular pattern that is associated with a certain pattern of limitations at various passive movements in the joint.

The Cyriax method is a method of applied or functional anatomy in which the assessment of body movements indicates where lesions lie. Interventions of the Cyriax method imply manual manipulation and deep-friction massage for the adhesions that were created in the traumatic process or after some other inflammatory process.

We use Cyriax in:

Tendinitis of different etiologies

Sprained joints

Ligament Sprains

Capsulitis (inflammation of the joint membrane)

Rupture of muscles

Other lesions of the tendons and ligaments

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