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Cryocompressive therapy


Cryocompressive or cryotherapy is used to diminish the swelling of the injured or operated area, to alleviate pain and to lengthen the effect of pain-killers. The aim is more rapid healing of the damaged tissues and a quicker and easier recovery.

The treatment is applied to professional and recreational athletes as well as to the patients recovering from operations and after amputations.

Ice therapy i.e. therapy including cooling is one of the oldest methods to treat injuries. Cold compresses are used to treat acute states in musculoskeletal systems after surgery or injury.

Intermittent  cryocompressive therapy is a part of the overall process of physical therapy and is used at the beginning – after an acute injury and at an early stage of post-surgery rehabilitation. It consists of making cold water flow under air pressure. A manchete is placed on the problematic part of the body and the pressure of the water flowing through it increases and diminishes at an intermittent pace. Thus the natural muscle function is simulated and the circulation is improved. As the pressure increases the rotatory cuff contracts the tissue and the surplus of liquid flows out. As the pressure diminishes the blood bears oxygen to the tissue feeding it with nutritive matter.

Cryotherapy is often carried out before the wave therapy in order to alleviate possible discomforts.

Cryocompressive therapy and cryotherapy are applied:

  • in case of sports injuries – luxations and stretching
  • in case of injuries of recreational sportsmen – as a consequence of intensive work-out
  • after operations to reduce the swelling and pain
  • after amputations to get rid of superfluous liquids and to soothe pain

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