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Find answers to some of the most common questions our patients ask us.

The treatment of joint sprain depends on the degree of damage to the ligament. Namely, what we call a sprain joint is actually a ligament injury. Thus, cold compresses and inaction are sufficient for mild damage, while the most severe sprain sometimes requires even surgery. In any case, physical therapy is required after the period of inaction to restore the previous mobility of the joint, muscular strength and the walking ability in order to return to patient’s normal activities, regardless of their intensity. In Kaliper Polyclinic, depending on the degree of injury, we treat the sprained joints with the following techniques: cryopressive therapy, drainage, Winback therapy (Tecar technology), electrostimulation, laser, ultrasound, TENS, kinesiotherapy and various manual therapies, such as the mild Bowen-therapy performed by certified therapists.

Massage can help with Migraen. Excessive stress is found to be the common trigger, but migraines can also arise due to muscle spasms in the neck and shoulder area. In both cases, medical massage, as well as other manual techniques, can significantly improve the situation and prevent the occurrence of migraines.

Scoliosis is best treated according to the method of Katharine Schroth, a German who herself had scoliosis and developed a method based on her own experience. In Polyclinic Kaliper The method is performed by therapists who have undergone demanding training and received certificates. Schroth- method is applied in people of all ages, and especially good results are achieved with children and adolescents.

The method of Katharine Schroth is a treatment developed by Katharina Schroth (1894 – 1985). She herself had scoliosis and she developed the method based on her own experience and reflection.

The therapy is characteristic for the precise and exact physiotherapeutic intervention, a clear method of assessment and classification of types of scoliosis based on radiological and clinical evaluation. Furthermore, the specificity of the method are special breathing exercises through which the posture is corrected.

The therapy has five principles based on a clear neurophysiological foundation:

  1. Axial elongation
  2. Deflection
  3. Derotation
  4. Facilitation
  5. Stabilization

The method is particularly effective in children and adolescents, but also in adults with a diagnosis of scoliosis.

Bobath-method or Bobath-therapy approach is in neurological rehabilitation that is applied as a method of assessment and therapy in people who have suffered a stroke. The goal of the method is to restore patient’s functionality to the fullest extent and to teach him more independent functioning to improve the quality of his life. The method was named after physiotherapist Berthi Bobath and her husband Karel who was a psychiatrist and neurophysiologist.

Patients with multiple sclerosis can be threated symptomatically: by strengthening weakened muscles, improving coordination and flexibility, reducing musculature spasms, etc. We use different techniques, from isokinetic Rehabilitation to Manual Physiotherapy.

In Kaliper Polyclinic we do rehabilitation after stroke. Depending on the condition of the affected person, as well as the degree of damage, we use different techniques, from isokinetic rehabilitation to manual therapy, of which in this case Bobath-therapy is most used.

Treatment of the Herniated disc has three phases:

  1. In the first phase of severe pain, shorter inactivity and possibly  painkillers are desirable.
  2. The next stage is aimed at reducing the overall pain of physical therapy (especially with manual therapies).
  3. The third stage of treatment of herniated disc begins after the pain has completely disappeared and consists of regular abdominal muscels , back and legs exercises. Kineziotherapy as a method of physical therapy is one of the best ways on this focused exercise.

In the Kaliper Polyclinic and in adults we apply the method of Katharine Schroth, the most complete method for the treatment of scoliosis. The user’s goal is to develop a postural awareness in order to make sure that the movements are controlled. We emphasize that therapy is always adapted to the needs and condition of each individual user and is performed by certified therapists.

Kiphosis is a naturally curved spine in the chest area. Namely, the spine, viewed sideways, has a double-letter S shape, which allows it to depreciate the stress of walking or running. However, sometimes there is a leveling of this curve (aplanation) or the curve increases (increased kiphosis) and these are conditions that can be painful and which we then treat with physical therapy. The most important thing is to exercise adequately and regularly by kinesiotherapeutic means.

Our spine is naturally curved in the form of a double-letter S. To distinguish individual curves, we gave them names and so the curve in the lower back is called lordosis. Lordosis alone is a natural state of the spine but the problem occurs when it is straightened (aplanation) or reinforced (increased lordosis). Studies have shown that the response to such condition is adequate and regular exercise, which in more pronounced cases requires specific physical therapy.

Treatment of the tennis elbow depends on the stage of the disease. Since this is a syndrome of overexerting in mild cases it is enough to remedy the cause, namely to reduce strain, immobilize the wrist and stretch out the appropriate muscles. In more serious cases, with acute pain, analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs and physical therapy are used. In Kaliper Polyclinic we apply various types of physical therapy and methods such as Maitland-therapies, shock wave therapy and laser therapy. Sometimes, in the most severe cases the operative solution is needed.

From the tennis elbow suffer not only the tennis players, but also the masons, dentists, surgeons and people who type a lot. Today a large number of different professions are affected where long sitting in front of the computer is included.

We treat arthrosis depending on the stage of the disease. Isokinetic diagnostics and rehabilitation have proved to be a very good method and we combine them with other therapeutic methods (e.g., TENS, electrotherapy, cryopressive therapy, kinesitherapy, injections applied by orthopedical and others).

We do therapy with children from 10. years. Especially good results we have in treating spinal deformations such as scoliosis, kiphosis and lordosis. This is often due to the sitting way of life and too little activity, even in children.

In these cases, we apply complete assessment and configurate therapy for the spine. It includes assessment of overall condition, foot analysis at rest and walking, “classical” exercises and exercises according to the method Katharine Schrott.

Very often are problems with the knees in children in growth and development, such as for example Mb. Osgood-Schlatter, problems with cartilage (Chondromalatio patellae). etc. In the case of knee damage the most effective is isokinetic rehabilitation, in combination with other supportive methods of physical therapy.

We are also conducting therapies with elderly people – our oldest patient is 96 years of age. Physical therapy of people in older age achievers excellent results. Exercising patients improves mobility, balance and general health.

We also work with cardiac patients. We conditionate them firstly determining the state by spiroergometry and based on those results we conduct a training program. The patient exercises with physiotherapist and kinesiologist and under the control of the doctor.

The Kaliper polyclinic is not a contractual partner of the Croatian Health Insurance Institute.

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